Property Management Solution

All-in-One Property Management Solution

All-in-One Property Management Solution

Realmax is a cloud-based single software package that will complete all your property management activities. This integrated solution takes care of all your property management processes from accounting, online rent payments, applicant screening, marketing to online lease agreements, and more. Designed with Security a core consideration, Realmax looks after all your property related operations, rental accounting to overall property management activities.

Helicopter view of your entire portfolio on one screen

Very user-friendly and highly configurable Realmax is perfectly suited to the needs of all kinds of Real Estate businesses, such as Estate Agents, Real Estate/Property Developers, Real Estate Brokers and Developer Agents.

Everything you need to effortlessly manage your entire portfolio

Tenant Management

Tenant Portal

Landlord Portal

Landlord Management

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Role-based Permissions



Lease/Rent Agreements

Screen Applicants

Online Rent Payments

Maintenance Management

Helicopter view of portfolio

Manage your branches

Rental Accounting


Listing on multiple sites

Online applications

Automatic invoicing

Enquiries and Complaints Handling

Track rent arrears, reconciliation, vacant properties, maintenance, inspections and more

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