POS System for Restaurants & Cafes

All in one POS – A Complete Point of Sale Solution

All in one POS – A Complete Point of Sale Solution

In a rapidly advancing world, restaurants deal with fast paced processes with a customer-centric approach. With efficiency and effectiveness in mind, we have built a formidable revenue generating tool for your success. More profit and less admin work is the idea. To the leading minds who focuses on customer experience, gaining customer loyalty and growth, look no further, we got you covered with SPUR POS.

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Cloud Based

You are just a click away working from anywhere, anytime. Everything is ready whenever you want.

Device Compatibility with Multiple Templates

Works on Mac, Windows, Desktop, Tablets or portable POS. All you need is a browser and you are good to go.

Role Based Secure Access

Easily manage who can access which features. You can let go of the fear of third party access.

Multiple Dashboards

Create & manage easily customizable dashboards at your convenience.

Gift Voucher Management

Attract your customers with gift vouchers & have an unproblematic process.

Advance Delivery Management

Ease of mind with managing food deliveries & real time process tracker.

Customer Management

All customer details are available for you whenever you want.

Inventory Management

Manage & track everything related to inventory from approvals to transactions, so you know what to order before when.

Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) Management

Why yell, when you can send the order directly to the kitchen?

Menu Management

Create and customize your menus. Isn’t is exciting to change your menu with ease?

Multi Outlet & Counter Management

You are just starting but have big plans ahead or you already have many outlets? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Promotion/Discount Setup

Your promotions & discounts are only one click away. We support you to thrive.

Multi Payments & Payment Types Management

Hassle free payment processing for you & your customer.

Real-Time Reports & Analytics

Track your performance with real time data to support your vision. Decision making got a whole lot easier.

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Cloud Hosting

Why bother about servers, storage and maintenance when we are taking care of everything for you. Buy SPUR POS and spend your days hassle free.

Security & Access

Your business information stays within the organization walls with our secure, authorized and authenticated access. All data will be encrypted and compliance with ISO27001 & 128 Bit SSL.

Efficient Customer Support

Our experts are there to provide solutions in quick time. Plus our help desk will ensure prompt communication & support.


Our top notch security shield will ensure to handle all your valuable data with utmost care.


SPUR POS is created to match all possible users, no matter whether you are just starting up or looking to expand your business. Our developers focused on user friendly design where users can start working with minimum supervision.

Usually 2-3 days where we would check whether everything is working properly.

Good thing about cloud based web applications are that you don’t necessarily need to buy new hardware and there is a high probability where SPUR POS would work with your printers, scanners, credit card readers, and other equipment with no issue.

4. Is my data secured in the cloud?

Your data will be safer than storing it on a device or locally. Plus the data is backed up in an event of a failure, ensuring that there will be no data loss for you.

We would highly recommend you to establish a stable internet connection so there won’t be any let backs or interruptions.

Just give us a call or even an email, it’s that simple. With one step forward everything would be in place and taken care of.

We have a ticketing system and a help desk implemented just for you. Within 2-3 hours of time from the initial ticket raise/message, our experts would be there for you.

Our POS system is built to work in any country as long as there is an internet connection.

Mostly you would not have to, since it is rather user friendly and built to increase your efficiency. Efficiency can’t be achieved if the design is too complex. However, a training session can be arranged up on your request.

SPUR POS is developed to achieve all the necessary tasks in maintaining a startup restaurant or a well expanded one with multiple outlets. Mostly everything you required will be covered by SPUR POS.

SPUR POS is a partner product.

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