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Case Study: E-Commerce

The Client

A leading online retailer in Asia with a significant presence in the market supported by a physical presence and a strong customer base. They command a major market share for their main product range.

The Challenge

Having explored a variety of e-commerce platforms, the company was struggling to find a platform that met their specific requirements. The company was unable to find a suitable e-commerce solution particularly to benefit from a single set of integrations and the efficiencies that a single platform offers. Their existing platform was insufficient to cater to the customer needs; it lacked a web based mobile friendly interface, and user experience was poor. Furthermore they wanted to capitalize on cross-selling, up-selling opportunities and build loyalty. Staff were finding it difficult to keep track of some of the orders and transactions in the existing platform, causing delays of certain items.

Their research led them to look at several e-commerce platforms before deciding on approaching RedBeryl IT for advice. A key objective was to implement a platform that not only resolved existing pain points but is also future-proof.

The Solution

A major focus area was user experience (UX), which meant starting with a responsive design so the sites were optimized from the outset for all devices, whilst also ensuring that the customer journeys were significantly improved for the better. Initially, the Business Analyst team of RedBeryl IT team, carried out an efficient but detailed study, analyzing the issues and pain points of existing platform.

As the client carried thousands of products, the ability for users to find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible is a vital requirement. Immediate filtering of products by giving users the ability to shop by product type or collection, as well as highlighting new products and so on. All product listings pages can then be filtered using facets like price, product type etc.

Pre-Order: The client is able to make pre orders for the necessary items, paying and 50% advance and the balance when the order is ready to be delivered.

Request-for-Quote (RFQ): This is a main function that enables the customers to provide a quote online, which is a very vital step in a company’s marketing funnel. So, making this process as smooth as possible was essential to ultimately driving more sales for the business.

Multi-Vender Option: This feature allows to combine multiple venders and list their own items under one platform. This enabled the client to expand their offering and increase its revenue.

A key part of the project was ensuring that the platform was easy to manage by the client’s team. RedBeryl IT team coupled Magento and Wordpress together for this reason to achieve this. Wordpress is a powerful content management system and allows us to develop highly flexible content pages that can be updated and changed without the need to sit in a dark room writing hundreds of lines of code.

The Outcome

A key important aspect of the new site was improving the efficiency of client’s ecommerce operations. Being a fairly small team, and not overly technical, they required a platform & CMS that was able to deliver the sophisticated features their customers required whilst being easy to manage and administer.

Customers’ ability to Pre-Order and Request-for-Quote for the items required has created new revenue, the client reports. The client is seeing their e-commerce site generate a much bigger share of their business revenue. The new platform has helped the client streamline their marketing and sales based on analysis and observing trends, and that is reflected on increased revenue. Feedback has been extremely positive with customers loving the new platform and their ease of use.

The Quote

CEO of Client says “Within just a month of launching we already saw a 30% increase in sales against the same period last year. We are very pleased with the significantly improved design, product presentation, and UX of the website. RedBeryl IT’s excellent project management and willingness to rise to the challenges posed by the website’s rich design and user experience has meant that we have had a smooth implementation, and the end solution is stunning’’.

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