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Highly customizable and agile, Magento gives your business the flexibility other platforms do not offer. With Magento your business can:

Create Unique Customer Experiences

Reduce your business costs

Go-to-market quickly

Create and grow new revenue

We design and build online stores based on the best available platform on the market.

Magento 2 is the future of e-commerce

Prior to Magento 2 being released we wanted to get a head start, so we dived into learning everything we could. As soon as Magento 2 was released we switched all new project builds to use Magento 2 as it’s the world’s most powerful e-commerce platform by a long mile.

We have developed our own best practices for Magento 2 which helps us build exceptional ecommerce experiences.

Although Magento 1 support is continuing for now, the Magento team are not developing any platform improvements. This will mean that it’s going to be difficult for retailers to remain competitive and keep up with consumer demands until they make the move. We'll help you get through this process efficiently, in a timely manner, securely and on a reasonable budget.

We support the development of stores at every stage of running an online business. We provide state-of-the-art solutions and help to achieve ambitious sales targets for customers worldwide.

Looking for top Magento developers to join your team?

We can help you extend your team and expertise. Our developers become your team members.

RedBeryl IT actively contributes to the Magento community

Over the years we have become active co-creators of the e-commerce community. We have been sharing the knowledge we’ve acquired and developing new solution.

What we are good at

Magento Development

For surviving in the highly competitive e-commerce marketplace, you need an e-commerce platform that evolves with your changing business needs. For Magento stores, this means an efficient development team to build new features quickly or redesign the website. Whether developing a new store or revamping your existing store, we have you covered.

Fast implementation

At RedBeryl IT we have tools and solutions in place to reduce time-to-market by at least 25%.

Magento upgrade and smooth migration

RedBeryl IT has perfected the migration process from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Each step is optimized so that the online store increases its revenue growth from migrating to the new version of the platform, with the lowest possible budget for implementation.Migrating from Magento 1.x platform to Magento 2.x can significantly benefit your business by improving the performance, usability, with the new value-adding features.
We can make your transition to Magento 2 smooth, using our trusted and verified approach to migration, with a clear plan on an agreed schedule.

Magento Support

We provide flexible technical support for Magento stores. We can support your business team effectively, a few hours a month, or with a dedicated team with multiple developers, depending on your requirements. Our support offers a brilliant alternative to recruiting internal developers. Our support plans are a lot more cost-effective in comparison and our experienced team provides a wide range of skill sets and know-how needed to manage Magento stores.

Magento Theme and Design Integration

A theme is the front face of your store. Our design professionals can create a unique and professional Magento theme for your website with user experience at the heart of it.

Shopping Cart Development

Our shopping cart e-commerce development solutions enable you to sell online efficiently with your own e-commerce store worldwide.

Magento Product Upload

Use our very efficient data entry services to go-to-market in quick time, saving your time and cost. We are experts at this for a range of e-commerce solutions including Magento, which is the most popular platform of choice.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

We have ready-to-use solutions that adapts your online store to work on mobile, including the latest solutions such as Progressive Web Apps.

Magento Hosting & Server Management

Hosting a Magento server and running it smoothly can at times be challenging and complicated. Magento server architecture may range from a simple single server setup to multi-server load balanced landscapes. Whichever is your server setup, our team can make it easy, for you to manage your servers, by handling server administration tasks and addressing critical server problems in a timely manner.

Mobile Cart App

Developing & deploying mobile cart app for Magento is easy now with our mobile app solution. We can develop a market-leading and feature-rich mobile apps, available for both Android & iOS platforms. If you need a mobile solution in a hurry, we can get you up and running in quick time with standard app design and features and go live.
If you have any special requirements, our development team can create a truly unique and bespoke solution.

Magento Extensions

Integrate your Magento online store with Magento extensions. We also help you develop your very own custom Magento extensions to your exact requirements.

Magento Optimization

When your website is slow, it doesn’t make sense to just throw additional resources at it. It only hides the problem and doesn’t solve it. Our experienced developers and system admins ensure optimal performance in terms of code base and server setup, which will improve customer experience whilst reducing your hosting costs.

Application and Server Security

A secure web environment ensures the protection of customer data, but it also makes for a fast and optimized online store that drives conversions. Security of your e-commerce store therefore is a top priority. Properly secured website will prevent and withstand attacks from potential hackers. Our solutions are designed to do just that and with competitive pricing, so you can focus on growth of your business.

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